Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Birds flying back signals prep for picnic , written illustrated by Gloria Poole: Update

Birds flying north from the South Seas
For parents reading the story of the Lady Bug picnic, resume reading here:

Lady  Olivia worried some about what Ollie Orange Bear said and she didn't want people to lose interest in the picnic. On the other hand, she wanted it to be a pleasant picnic, not a downpour of April showers or a last minute blast of winter. What should she do? " I know", she thought to herself, "I'll call NOAA and they will know the weather. ". She dialed up the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency on their 800 number. "Hello, NOAA! this is Lady Olivia.  I need to know if the weather is going to be pleasant for a while or if there's more freeze and ice on the way?" she said. 
  The NOAA guy said, "Lady Olivia, I can tell you this much. Right this minute our radar has detected the birds flying back from the South Seas, and they have entered our air space. They should be back into your neighborhood in a few days. ".   "Wonderful! That's absolutely wonderful, because if a freeze was on its way, they'd stay in the warm climate in the tropics. And oh, I do love to hear them singing every morning as my wake-up call. Thank you very much, NOAA," said Lady Olivia.     The NOAA man said, "Lady Olivia you have made my day. It's lonely sitting sitting here watching this radar screen all day. Call anytime. "  
  Lady Olivia said, "why thank you, I might need too again when we Lady Bugs have set a definite day for our picnic. It's a big to-do you know. We have invited Raymond Reindeer who is on Santa's alternate list for Christmas Eve, and Blue Kanga and her toddler. And of course, with a wee one coming to picnic, the weather has to be pleasant. " She hung up, and ran to  Ollie Orange Bear's corner of the woods. 
"Ollie! Ollie! " she called. Ollie Orange Bear appeared and said, "Miss Olivia, you remembered me!" Lady Olivia said, "well, Ollie, the picnic is not today but it's very soon now, because NOAA says the birds are flying back and will be here any day , "replied Lady Olivia.  
   Ollie said "Miss Olivia, who's NOAA?" 
  "Silly me, " said Lady Olivia, " NOAA means National Oceanic and atmospheric agency, and they give extended weather reports. He told me he saw the birds approaching because they entered his air space on radar. Isn't that wonderful? That means WARM weather for sure. "
Ollie said, "and that means P-I-C-N-I-C soon, doesn't it?"
"yes, indeed. I will let you know when, " replied Lady Olivia, "I've go to go now because we have to ramp up again for the picnic to be as we planned. See you soon." And she left.

Stay tuned for the picnic .

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Update with the PICNIC coming soon, Gloria Poole / Gloria / gloriapoole / cartooning-by-gloriapoole / gloria-poole / gloria.poole/ Gloria Poole, RN, artist/ Ms. Gloria Poole , at my own private apt in Missouri; 9 June 2014 at 4:34pm.  
Update 18 June 2014 at 7:43am by me Gloria Poole to add that I have decided to add a page to this story and am creating art for that page, so will add it soon. I wasn't quite ready for the picnic of Lady Bugs to end! Stay tuned please. It's a work in progress since I create the art and write the story as I go. However, there is one version slightly different that has been published and that first edition belongs to my two tot grandchildren Elijah and Amala. I am making changes slightly to the online version because I had promised them a book 'that no one in the whole world has one like." Keeping that promise has taken some ingenuity on my part because I already had this online version well in process at that time.