Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ollie Orange Bear cartoon by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

Cartoon: Lady bug picnic protest by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia; 23-April-2014
The story of the Lady Bug Picnic resumes so if you are reading this to a small child, begin here:

Lady Octavia looked out her kitchen window, after she got back from telling her friends about the Astronaut photo that appeared on her phone;  and lo and behold! Ollie Orange Bear was marching back and forth on the sidewalk near her house under The Big Tree, and he was carrying a white flag with the words "Lady Bug Picnic" written on it and he was waving it around and shouting . She rushed to talk to him. "Ollie Orange Bear, what are you doing? " she asked.  
Ollie said, "Miss Octavia, you know my cousins Mr and Mrs Orange Bear?" 
"Well, indeed I do. I met them when I visited their Welcome Home hostel to see if it would be adequate if a rain-out occurred for our picnic", replied Lady Octavia. 
 "Well. Yes. I knew that because they told me. But I am mad because I have been waiting forever for that picnic! I want to be there at the Welcome Home when you have that picnic and sort of wander over to it to see Raymond Reindeer. You know he was in the news and I don't think I will have another chance to meet him. So WHEN IS THAT PICNIC?" he asked practically shouting at her. 
 "Oh, I see", said Lady Octavia, "well. Ollie, we couldn't have a picnic in the snow! Every time we had it planned it snowed, or had downpour from heaven. It was really discouraging to us Lady Bugs too." 
Ollie said, "but Miss Olivia [he was taught to call his elders by their proper title but Lady just sounded too formal since after all, he was protesting her at her own house] , spring has sprung. The snow is gone. So ?". 
 Lady Octavia laughed and said, "Ollie, you're in luck because it is soon. I will call you personally when we have a few consecutive days of warm , pleasant, dry weather to tell you when to see Raymond Reindeer at the picnic. AND, if you march around with that flag to notify everyone, why, I might even invite you to the picnic. "
 Ollie grinned and replied "I am happy, happy, happy, Miss Olivia. Thank you very much. I'm going right now to tell my cousins Mr and Mrs Orange Bear that the picnic is on again. Of course, weather good for picnic is also good for travelers who love my cousins' hostel. Life is good, Miss Olivia. " 
And he left. 

Stay tuned . 
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Gloria Poole; at my apartment in Missouri which is not shared with anyone; 23-April-2014 at 11:45am.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Astronaut from NASA contacts Lady Bug cartoon by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

The story of the Lady Bugs sponsoring a picnic continues in a different version than the one in the book I wrote and illustrated. {Aside to parents} This is paragraph is to read to your children: : 

When Lady Octavia got home to her house under The Big Tree, she kicked back in her favorite chair to watch the news. It had been a stressful day, after all. Swamp Frog made it known he would gobble her up given the chance. And with that news,  she had hurried, hurried , hurried so fast she nearly fell over her six feet.  On the news was a report about the NSA rover on Mars and it got her attention. She thought to herself, " wonder what Mars is like? " and then she thought, " wonder if the astronauts  miss earth?". She fell asleep in her chair and slept restlessly. The next day, on her cell phone was a text message from Mars! The land rover texted her from Mars! It was unbelievable but there it was, plain as day. Lady Octavia was incredulous. "How can this be? How did they know my cell phone number? Can they read minds?" all tumbled through her mind at once. Just then, a photo appeared on her cell phone and it said "from Mars's rover". It was an astronaut! And he had the weirdest eyes she had ever seen on any human. Well, she thought to herself, 'maybe he isn't human? Maybe he's a Martian? " Then that idea just took on a life of its own. A Martian contacted her! She KNEW it--they can read minds! 
She ran to tell the other Lady Bugs, saying, "they will never believe this. I have to show them. "

Stay tuned for next page in story...

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