Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cartoon to include in mini-exhibit of red paint art by Gloria Poole of Missouri

Peacock created by Gloria Poole with graphics;
"Peacock" created by Gloria Poole with graphics. 
Cartoon "Queenie" created by Gloria Poole, yr 1995 in Atlanta, GA
Cartoon "Miss America" [Queenie] created by Gloria Poole, yr 1995 in Atlanta, GA

I, Gloria Poole, of Missouri  am adding two random cartoons that I created but that have nothing to do with the on-going story of the Lady bugs that give picnics. I put the "Queenie" Miss America one here to go along with my mini-exhibition of art that I created that I used red paint in; that I have currently on seven blogs of mine.  

The mini-exhibition of red paint art is on these blogs of mine:

I have not abandoned the story of the Lady bugs that give picnics. I had so much to accomplish in February that I have not  done it all. I have long periods of down time [from trauma ] and I don't accomplish as much as I would like too, as fast as I would like too. So it's still a work in progress to a degree, though the story and the art of it as a book is done and one copy of it-- the very first one is already published. Now, I have to find a paper  book publisher and all that entails, and see how/ if putting it on web conflicts with on paper. That is what is affecting the online story of it. Either way, the story is written and illustrated by me Gloria, as tangible art in book format and will be available hopefully in one form or other soon for public. It has to become a money-making project for me. 

So, these cartoons will hopefully interest the tiny tots who might have read the story up til now and maybe serve as a sort of "intermission" until the rest of the lady bug story is available from me, publicly.

Copyright notice: I, Gloria Poole, currently residing in Missouri but born in state of Georgia , own all rights to this blog and to all content of it. I also own all rights to any words or art I create for any reason, with any tool, in any location, at any time; unless I have signed a formal agreement before a notary in a bill of sale. [Which I have not done yet]. 
 Also, I am white, a woman, single again, and the natural mother of two daughters who are grown and married, [who are Jennifer and Leigh]  and of course, the grand-mother to their minor children. My youngest grandchildren who are one and three years old inspired me to create the story and illustrate it in paper form . I have the art that these photos represent, and created it and signed it in my handwriting.  I am christian, prolife, republican, blogger, poet, writer, author, and tweeter. You can follow me on twitter : @gloriapoole or @gloria_poole. And see my 'about me' pages and  profiles on google, Yahoo, Microsoft for more info about me  as author illustrator.  I am also known on web as : gloriapoole; gloria0817; gpoole817; artist-gloriapoole; gloriapoole-paintings; Gloria as seen on art I create and photograph and upload to my blogs and albums; and as gloriapoole.RN; gloria.poole; gloria-poole; gloria_poole; gloriapoole1749; Ms Gloria Poole; Poole, Gloria; and other variations of my real born with and legal name of Gloria Poole

Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri which is my only residence; 23-Feb-2014 at 8:30pm

Monday, February 10, 2014

The purpose of this blog is READING to children.

"Reading time" sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri; in acrylics; Feb 2014
"Reading Time" sketch by Gloria Poole in Missouri; yr 2014 in acrylics. 

This entry is not about the story of the Lady bug Picnic, which is written in full already as a book and hopefully will be in mass production in coming year. This entry is about my goal for this blog, which is encouraging parents of young children to READ to their children so their children learn to love to read, and learn to read, and that reading is a part of every day normal existence. This sketch is one that I, Gloria Poole, drew, then painted in watercolors, then repainted in acrylics to illustrate reading to a small child. I purposely chose a man's image to put into this sketch because men in the U S have had a careless disregard for their children and the children of the nation have suffered from lack of father involvement. Of course, a lot of women who work outside the home, often spend little time with their children also. The nation as a whole is suffering because of it. This blog has a mission. I am illustrating it and writing this entry to confirm what that mission is. The story of the Lady bug picnic is merely a "vehicle" for getting parents and children involved in reading together.  The "people" in this sketch are not real people that are known to me. The image of the little girl is totally made up by me with a pencil and paint brush and so is the doll. I saw a similar looking man in an ad and thought he looked about right age to have small child; then altered it some to make it different from ad. 

Also, this sketch is on another blog of mine, and is included in the body of art I have created and is not only for this blog; and is not one of the illustrations of the book as it currently exist. I have the actual, physical art that I created and put on this blog [and all blogs of mine] and  I photographed it myself in most instances. Copyright notice: I, Gloria Poole, or Missouri [but born in state of Georgia in U S] own all rights to this blog and all content of it including word and text, and to the art I create, in any form, with any medium or tool or any surface, for any reason, whether or not I display it publicly anywhere. I also own the copyright to the book I have referenced in this blog, that I wrote, that is process of  being mass produced for sale [GOD willing] and is copyrighted to me Gloria Poole of Missouri.  I will provide more information on the book once all details are finalized. My plan at this point is to have reproductions /prints of the art I created in the book along with the story that I wrote that includes portions you have read on this blog, plus the rest of the story and accompanying art.  

Also, for the record, I am a white, single,[ divorced twice] Christian, woman and the natural mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh; and a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri; and a blogger, photographer, poet, artist in all mediums; and a prolife republican. 

Gloria Poole, at my apt in Missouri, which is my only residence for legal purposes of copyright]; 10-February-201 at 8:41am.