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The Picnic happens by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia;Update

The story of the Lady Bug Picnic resumes so parents and or care-givers: start reading here:

Lady Octavia was true to her word. She called up Ollie Orange Bear to tell him the picnic is happening today.  Ring! Ring!
 Ollie answers his phone. Lady Octavia said  , " Ollie, today is the day. The picnic is happening today . Do you plan to come to interview Raymond Reindeer ? " asked Lady Octavia.
Ollie replied, " I certainly am. Where and what time? " 
"Well, we have scheduled the picnic table at the Twin Mushrooms Pavilion in the Fantasy Forest, for lunch time---noonish. " 
"I know exactly where that is Miss Olivia [he knows her official title is Lady Octavia but he was taught as child to call older women Miss or Mrs.], and I'll be there. Please tell Raymond Reindeer to expect me. "

When Ollie Orange Bear arrived at the Twin Mushrooms Raymond Reindeer was there all folded up with those long legs tucked under him and he was was thrilled to be interviewed. "Hey! Ollie. Lady Octavia told me to expect you. I am so excited. I've never been interviewed before. " said Raymond excitedly. Then he went on quickly, " I am only the alternate reindeer for Santa, you know that don't you?" 
 Ollie replied, " Hey, yourself! You wonderful reindeer that gets to fly over housetops and make children happy once a year." 
 Raymond said, " Oh, Ollie. I wish with all my heart that is true but so far, I am just the on-call reindeer in case Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen are out sick. They NEVER call-out sick--never. "
 Ollie said, "before we get started, I want to get my note tablet to take notes. I know it's old fashioned but I love to write my notes in my own hand-writing on real paper.  It just makes it more memorable in my mind to do it that way. "
 "Well. sure take your time. The Lady Bugs are setting the table and I think we're early. " said Raymond.
  Ok, Ollie, was situated so seriously with his paper tablet in his hand and his pen poised. "Now, Raymond, tell me how Santa selected you?" 
 Raymond said, "well, you know in Lapland where all reindeer live, there is an annual festival where Santa and his elves appear and they hold reindeer games to see which reindeers are the strongest. You know reindeers have to be very strong to pull that sleigh loaded with a trillion toys for children everywhere. But that's not all. Reindeer have to have good eyesight too, and a keen sense of direction.  The year I was selected, I won the second prize for keen sense of direction. Because I didn't have a perfect score, but did beat everyone except the four  reindeer who pull the sleigh, Santa put me as the "alternate" list which is basically being on-call for Santa to call from midnight on Christmas Eve to midnight on Christmas Day, a twenty-four period. "
  Ollie asked, "Raymond do you get paid for that?" 
"What! Are you kidding? It's an honor to be on Santa's list. I don't know if other reindeer get paid but I wouldn't dream of it, because just think, flying Santa around the world, while he distributes toys to children is a privilege! I would be thrilled to serve--Santa gives away all his toys he and his elves design and make, you know. It's not likely he is very rich.  " exclaimed Raymond.
   Ollie said, "Raymond, what if I write this and put it in the newspaper? Do you think that will help you get to actually fly Santa?" 
  "Well. I don't think it could hurt me in any way. Maybe one of those other reindeer would want a vacation and see that news and think, "aha, now's the time for that vacation', " said Raymond.
 "Ok, then, I think if I hurry I can get this in today's news since the picnic is today. Sorry but I can't stay for the  picnic--got to go if I am to meet the deadline for news today, " shouted Ollie as he was already turned and headed back to the city. 

Ollie's timing was perfect. The Ladies [Bug] called Raymond to lunch.
"Raymond, Raymond! lunch is on the table. Come and eat before it gets cold. Fried chicken, potato salad and chocolate cake for dessert", shouted Lady Octavia.

Raymond had to sort of wiggle into the spot saved for him, between Red Cap Monkey and Lady Octavia  because ,well, to be polite he was so MUCH bigger than they were. Blue Kanga and her baby and Fuschia Rabbit and the other Lady Bugs were on the opposite side of the table.  Blue Kanga has those enormous legs that she bounces on along the earth and the had to be tucked under the table too.  the table was set and the food was there and it smelled delicious!

Lady Octavia said to everyone, "Raymond was interviewed today by Ollie Orange Bear and it might be in today's paper so please read it when you get home. Also,  we are going to have a blessing on this food. So, Raymond will you please ask The Lord's blessings on this food? " 

Raymond said, "me, Miss Octavia?"
And she said, "sure why not? "
So, Raymond swallowed hard and began, " Dear Lord JESUS, we thank you for this wonderful picnic and all the food so lovingly prepared by the Lady Bugs. And I thank you especially that they invited me , and that I got to tell Ollie Orange Bear about my dreams of helping Santa. And thank you for these friends gathered here, and bless this food and the hands that prepared it and use it to the nourishment of our bodies. Amen".
 "Raymond, that prayer brought tears to my eyes. Nobody ever blessed me before", said Lady Octavia, then quickly said before everyone got all teary eyed, "let's eat, I'm starved!"
 And everyone ate and ate and had chocolate cake and went home happy after saying their thank yous.
The end.

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