Monday, July 29, 2013

"Lady bug picnic" cartoon by Gloria Poole

"lady Bug Picnic cartoon" by Gloria Poole of Missouri
"Lady Bug Picnic" sketch/cartoon by Gloria Poole of Missouri

This sketch is one I created yesterday when I was thinking about the childhood song "Lady bug picnic" . The lizard happens upon the lady bugs setting out their tea party picnic, and screeches to a halt.  The lizard scares the sea gull and it takes flight, and the lady bugs freeze in their tracks [because lizards eat lady bugs] .  I created this specifically for my 2 yr old grandson [Elijah]  and my other grandchildren various ages  but minors also, but he would like it the most. I am adding it here to share it, but please do not copy it.  It is acrylic paint on paper size 14x17 .

Also, I am adding another cartoon to bring this up to speed. I also have another site with a few cartoons on it but I wanted this specifically to add cartoons too, so the title reflects that. 

Here are other cartoons I created that I do not think I posted to public sites yet. The one below I created with a graphics program and named it "rolly walker".

Generally speaking the art I create most is realistic and in the fine art category. I cartoon occasionally and I created about 30-40 cartoons for an alphabet book for my grandchildren Elijah and Galatea.  I also created my very first sketch in a genre called poster art just yesterday and added it to my blog at:

I Gloria Poole own all rights to the art I create, whether in any form, with any tool, on any display or surface, with any medium, whether or not I photograph it and whether or not I add it to any public display site or blog.  I am also known on the web as Gloria in cursive on my actual paintings, sketches, drawings, cartoons, poster art; and also as gloriapoole; gpoole817; gloria0817; gloria.poole; Ms.Gloria. Poole; gloria_poole; gloria-poole; Poole.Gloria; artist-gloriapoole; gloriapoole-paintings; gloriapoole1749;gloriapoole0817; onlineducatorglo.
  I have several user ID's but my real name is Gloria Poole and I was born in GA and am a white, single, Christian, prolife Registered Nurse, artist, poet, writer, blogger, photographer and I work for myself trying to build up artist's reputation enough to sell art at some point in time. Part of the reason why I have so many is because since yr 2007 many of my emails were stolen often and I would have to create a different one. Now, some of those have returned to me so I keep them.  And also to "capture" the use of my real born name as much as possible. 
Also, one more thing. The title of this blog in script is computer generated. It is not my actual handwriting though I do handwrite often. I just liked it as a title form. Also, because I want this site to be interesting to very young children just learning the alphabet I am making larger, bolder letters for them, because if font is too small and they don't know their letters very well, it is confusing to them. 
Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri; 29-July-2013 at 10:32am.