Friday, December 6, 2013

Mr and Mrs Orange Bear cartoon by Gloria Poole

Orange-bear-couple-cartoon-by-Gloria Poole; watercolors; 2013
Orange-bear-couple-cartoon-by-Gloria Poole; watercolors; 2013
This is "Orange Bear couple" that is part of the story of the Lady Bug Picnic. So, this as if turning the page if you are reading this story on web to your children. To continue the story:

The Twin Mushroom Towers  of the Fantasy Forest are where the up-coming Lady Bug Picnic is to take place, and it has a hostel that has a family room for out of town company. Mr and Mrs. Orange Bear are owners of the  "Welcome Home" hostel. As Lady Octavia Bug approaches to see what it's accommodations look like, and how much it costs, she finds Mr and Mrs Orange Bear sitting on the grassy knoll. "Well, I do declare" says Lady Octavia Bug, " I didn't expect to find such a warm welcome". Mrs. Orange Bear said, " well, we knew you were coming because you texted us, and we wanted to make sure you found us.".  Lady Octavia was overjoyed, because the hostel's family suite  was spacious, airy, comfortable, peaceful AND affordable.  "Why, to think, she thought to herself, " that any guests coming to the picnic from far away can stay here and be comfortable, and not break their budget."  
  "Mr and Mrs Bear, I am so happy to know about this place. The Twin Mushrooms pavilion is already scheduled for that day, but I am a bit worried if it should pour down rain and our guests be in a tizzy. Are reservations required?", she asks.  Mr. Orange Bear replied, "we take reservations for those who know their itinerary, but reservations are not required. If you or your guests get in a pickle, just call on your way here. We'll make room if we have too. " 
  "Oh, thank you very much, " Lady Octavia beamed as she spoke the words. "Here is my card, if you need to get in touch with me. We have sent invitations to Fuschia Rabbit, Red Cap Monkey, Blue Kangaroo whose name by the way is Mama Kanga and her baby, and well, of course, we did not invite that horrible Giant Chameleon, or Lone Wolf. We cannot let them amongst our people--why it's horrifying to think what would happen! We will run from the Twin Mushroom Pavilion to the safety of your hostel if we get so much as a whiff of them lurking near by.  And oh, almost forgot, we Lady Bugs also invited Happy Reindeer who RSVP'd quickly and said he "would be there with his boots on", and we are delighted, because they are so busy this time of year. delivering all those Christmas gifts. We couldn't not invite him, because he lives in our meadow, and we didn't want to hurt his feelings. We Lady Bugs thought he would scoff at the idea, with Christmas only 19 days away, but he sent his photo of his happy dance in his boots, when he got his invitation in the U S mail. 
 "Now, now, dear" said Mrs Orange Bear, "don't get yourself so worked up. I am sure that the Twin Mushroom Pavilion is quite safe. We do business here on its grounds, 24/ 7. " "But," added Mr, Orange Bear quickly, " we will certainly provide you a safe refuge if those characters should show up at your picnic; not to worry". 
 Lady Octavia Bug asked, 'would you like me to sign your visitor's book?  I would be more than happy to do that. " "Why, yes, that would be great, because it helps us build our reputation too. How kind of you to offer, " replies Mrs. Orange Bear, " follow me to the alcove." And so they walk the short distance to the hostel, and enter the door. There in the cozy alcove is the Visitor's Log Book and Lady Octavia Bug signs her name : 

"I'll be going now, Perhaps we shall see you soon, but if not, then there will be more opportunities. I invite over night  guests  for the holidays often and sometimes, they prefer European pleasantries instead of the meadow. I just reassure myself that it is not personal. Some "people" just don't like grass and flowers and sunshine, " said Lady Octavia. And so she leaves the Twin Mushroom pavilion's hostel and waves good-bye to Mr and Mrs. Bear. 

Stay tuned for rest of the story...
  Also, if you have not followed the story, scroll back to load all posts including the first one, and read the story, scrolling forward. This is an online story I started for my own very young grandchildren and decided other parents might like to show it. read it to their children also, via their gadgets, when they are standing in line somewhere, or at home, sitting in rocking chair, snuggling with their sleepy toddlers. Also, I Gloria Poole own all copy rights to this blog, the art I created that is on it, the words of the story I have written for it, and all the art and  words I create anywhere.
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