Monday, November 4, 2013

Lady Bug Picnic story cartoon by Gloria Poole

Here are three more cartoons for world to see. 
The first one I made with a computer graphics program or app. 
I was trying to create solar system revolving around the sun, 
and the green orb is the planet earth. 
The continuation of Lady bug picnic cartoon story online is is the third cartoon
 so scroll to it, please.

Computer-generated-graphics-solar system-by-Gloria Poole; yr 2013
Computer-generated-graphics-solar system-by-Gloria Poole; yr 2013

Cartoon drawn by Gloria Poole in yr 1995 in Atlanta, GA & it's named "judo"

Cartoon drawn by Gloria Poole in yr 1995 in Atlanta, GA & it's named "judo"
The second cartoon is a cartoon to make you laugh. It's a woman learning judo. 
I was required to take judo for self defense when I was a student nurse [many years ago] . 
I am a Registered Nurse, licensed in Missouri but can't work in it except to write on blogs 
[because of trauma on two different events of concussions, fractures, with the sequelae of that].  
The YA on it is because the Army Major that taught me and the entire class of student nurses
 [in Atlanta GA ] said for judo you have to shout first to throw the attacker off guard. 
I have only used judo once in my life, to save my own life
 [in Colorado during those horrible years I lived there. ] 

cartoon-created by Gloria Poole; Oct 2013; and it is named "redcap monkey"
Cartoon-created by Gloria Poole; Oct 2013; and it is named "redcap monkey"

The third one is a cartoon that I intended to be a page
 in the lady bug picnic story.  So to continue the story:
 the red cap monkey was invited to the lady bug picnic,
 which is why he is wearing his best cap. 
And he was ambling along on all fours as monkeys do, 
and the hot sun was beaming on his behind. 
 And well, wearing that fur coat and that cap, he was getting too hot. 
So he has a frownie face.  And then he just stopped a minute;
 and had a talk with himself 
and he said : "well, it's just a bunch of ole lady bugs.
They probably won't notice if I don't show up. " 
And then he got to the jungle edge and he decided that he would just miss
 the tea party and head to the jungle where it is nice and cool
 and he could play in the trees, and that is what he did. 
And he missed the tea party /picnic altogether.

Copyright: I Gloria Poole own all rights to the art and words I create, 
unless I physically sign them away in person on a bill of sale or contract for a commission
 and before a notary public. 

Also, to remind public: I do not have a Facebook nor a Pinterest account/ page, and never did. 
If you see art I created on those I would appreciate it if you would notify me
 and Facebook and Pinterest since that would be copyright violations of my name and art I create.

This is a just for fun blog of mine [Gloria Poole]  of Missouri. 
I have lived in other places but  I Gloria Poole live in Missouri
since Oct 31, 2009, so have no idea why my time zone shows as Pacific coast on this blog
 unless my account was hacked AGAIN?  
I am also known on paintings as simply Gloria signed by me in paint and
 on the web as gloriapoole; gloria.poole; gloriapoole1749; gloria_poole; 
gloria-poole; Gloria Poole, RN;  gloriapoole.RN;  gloriapooleRN at yahoo; 
gloriapoole_RN; artist-gloriapoole 
[I created the email of artist-gloria but it was hijacked from me b4 I could even log into it]; 
and  as gloria0817; gpoole817 and other variations of my real, born with name of Gloria Poole. 
 I was born in the state of Georgia, and have been married and divorced twice;
 and each time resumed my maiden surname of Poole after divorce was final. 
 I have two grown daughters whose names are Jennifer and Leigh and I do not have any sons. 
 Gloria Poole ; at my apt in Missouri; 4-Nov-2013 at 2:33pm.